About Village SOS

ACRE has received close to £1.4m from the Big Lottery Fund to lead a nationwide partnership of organisations that will help and inspire rural communities across the UK to set up social enterprises.

The two-year learning, outreach and engagement campaign comes on the back of Big Lottery Fund’s Village SOS funding programme and will help communities start their own social enterprises – from setting up a shop or saving a pub to opening a café or cinema. You can read more about Village SOS on its website.

How will it work?
The focus of the campaign will be a ‘community to community’ learning network, which will see volunteers from social enterprises across the UK become mentors to share the secrets of their success. The volunteers will offer their time, support, experience and expertise and will point new enterprises in the direction of potential funding sources.

A central ‘Rural Hub’, managed by ACRE, will put each new enterprise in touch with Cambridgeshire ACRE and also with a trained mentor, who will both offer support and advice ranging from how to plan a project to building a brand.

How do I get involved?
You can sign up now to become a member of Village SOS. It’s free and you will receive regular updates about projects, events and funding sources – plus a copy of our 96-page book How To Create A Successful Community Enterprise.


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