Where to begin

If you have an idea for a community project or social enterprise then there are a number of simple steps to take to get things underway:

  1. Sign up as a Village SOS member by completing the online sign up form.
  2. Contact Cambridgeshire ACRE by emailing enquiries@cambsacre.org.uk
  3. We’ll take you through a first level diagnostic, which we’ll then share with the national Village SOS Hub, who’ll determine whether your project is eligible for support.
  4. Once we get the go ahead, staff from Cambridgeshire ACRE will work with your project group to develop a plan of support appropriate to your needs, capacity and capability to progress the project. A small amount of funding is available to help fulfil the activities identified. You’ll be offered a Village SOS Mentor with suitable skills to help the project progress specific actions.
  5. The plan of support will be submitted to the national Village SOS Hub for sign off before actions can be progressed.
  6. You begin activity. Cambridgeshire ACRE will supervise and offer support.
  7. Cambridgeshire ACRE reports back to the Village SOS Hub on what projects achieve and help you decide on next steps.



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